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About Us

Natures Grub is a family run business that was established in 2009 and has grown from our own passion for keeping koi carp, terrapins and snapping turtles
Frustrated with the quality and price of the products available at the time, we did our research, found out who grew the products and after many hours of searching, piles of paper work and forms to fill in we managed to import 4 boxes each of silkworm pupae, river shrimp and mealworms for our own use and sold the rest on the internet and hey presto Natures Grub was born.
From our start in an old brick building attached to our house we have moved several times over the last few years and Natures Grub is now to be found in the Norfolk Town of Fakenham on the outskirts of the town centre, our product range has grown to include a large variety of aquarium flake ,granulars and pellets as well as a unique range of poultry feeds and treats all with the Natures Grub twist. We now have probably  the largest range of dried insects and crustaceans in the country (over 30 varieties), imported by the container load from suppliers all over the world.

Want To Know Where you can buy our products?
Natures Grub products are available in garden centres, pet shops, seed merchants, koi centres and aquatic shops all over the country,please see our suppliers list. If your local supplier does not stock Natures Grub please feel free to contact us direct using the details on our contact us page.

Want To Know More Or Have A Question For Us?
If you have any questions or need advice about any of our products please feel free to contact us using the details on our contact us page and if we do not know the answer we normally know someone who does

Natures Grub