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Bio-Bug Fertiliser 3.5kg

100% Natural all-round pelleted fertiliser and soil improver.
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Natures Grub Bio-Bug is a soil improver that contains everything you need for the sustainable care of your garden. The composition is suitable for both your lawn and plants throughout the entire season, supplementing your garden with Bio-Bug will improve the growth, bloom and pest resistance of your plants.

Natures Grub Bio-Bug contains more than 80% organic matter. This consists of biological material from both plants and insects. The organic matter absorbs large amounts of water, this enables the soil to retain moisture and minerals, the result being a healthier soil and the sustained release of nutrients in dryer conditions.Soil vitality is also improved as the organic matter is attractive to micro-organisms and earthworms and they create an ideal airy soil structure.

Bio-Bug contains chitin which is produced from insect skin. Chitin activates a resistance in plants to insects and improves the plants natural resistance to illness. Bio-Bug enriches your soil with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals. These ensure your plants get everything they need for strong and healthy growth.

NPK: 3-2-4

Dosage examples per 10m2:
Fruit Trees - 1.5kg
Lawn/Flower Beds - 1kg
Young Lawn - 0.75kg
Flowering Bushes - 1.25kg
Root Vegetables - 1kg
General Fruit & Veg - 1.5kg

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